Your fear gives us joy.

Seriously. It does.

House of Silence Teaser

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Will the game be scary?

The game will be rated M for mature audiences, and is not suitable for audiences who are more sensitive than most. The game will touch on some strong subjects. And yes, it will be scary.


Is there going to be jump scares?

Like every horror game, there will be a few jump scares. However, the game will NOT rely on jump scares at all.


What makes your game different from every other psychological horror game?

This is a great question. Realistically, it’s all up to the person playing the game. However, most psychological horror games are confusing with the story, and it seems like there never really is a straight forward story. With House of Silence, the story is there. You just need to read the journal entries, notes around the house, etc.! It’s also going to rely solely on the psychological factor: being eerie without anything happening.


How much will it cost?

Currently, we have no price set. However, we have a good amount of

team members contributing to the game, and we’d like to be able to feed them.

(Yes, even Alex)

Where can I buy it?

The game will be released on Epic Game Store and Steam.


Will it be on PS5?

Not unless I get a PS5 in the near future.