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House of Silence

House of Silence is a psychologic horror game heavy on lore and puzzles.
You play as Nathan, a father and husband who realizes one morning that his family's gone. Your goal is to understand what happened by solving puzzles and situations using your cell phone, and other things inside -
and outside - the game.



What will House of Silence be rated?

We are shooting for an M rating for mature audiences, and is not suitable for sensitive audiences. And we will make it as scary as possible.


Is there going to be jumpscares?

Like every horror game, there will be a few jump scares. However, the game will NOT rely on jump scares.

What are the influences behind House of Silence?

Silent Hill. PT. Outlast! We love those claustrophobic horror games that focus on puzzle rather than combat, We love combat too, but we'll not make combats if we can't make it good, fun or enjoyable.

How much House of Silence will cost?

We are not sure at the moment. But our estimation get around 30 to 40$ (CAD). We'll give more update on that in a newsletters

What platforms will House of Silence be on?

The game will be released on Epic Game Store and Steam. We haven't decided on consoles yet, but we can guarantee there won't be a Virtual Boy port.

How can we know more ?

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